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A temporary placeholder showcasing select campaigns I've created, in anticipation of the official website launch.

This current site offers a visually enhanced experience on mobile devices.

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Hi, I’m Susanne!

I'm a Freelance Marketer and Creative Director with a passion for bringing ideas to life.

With 10 years of experience in the Retail and Technology industry, I have a proven track record of crafting and executing successful campaigns and projects across a variety of mediums for both B2B & B2C companies. I have a unique ability to tap into my client's vision and turn it into an impactful, visually striking and creative concept.

Profound insights into target audiences, what motivates them and where to best reach them eliminates guesswork on campaign development, resulting in bulletproof creative using the right images and presented in the right places.

I pride myself in bringing out the best in others and creating a collaborative and positive work environment that sparks creativity and productivity. With an eagle eye for detail, I can oversee all aspects of a project, from the initial concept to the final execution with a level of finesse that is unmatched. I'm also a natural problem solver, consistently thinking outside the box and delivering innovative solutions to even the toughest creative challenges.

Campaigns featured in British Vogue, Campaign Magazine, The Drum, Marketing Week and more.

Marketing Specialist

creative director

content creator

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Nubian Skin Campaign: Rafat & jaiye collections

Two collection launches

The lingerie brand, known for its skin tone underwear, was venturing into color with their signature nude tones. The brief outlined that the campaigns were to be fun, striking, and highlight the bright/soft colors.

Rafat was intended to embody softness, femininity, but also be vivid, with a classic feel akin to a Renaissance painting.

Jaiye was all about being fun, flirty, and bold, speaking for itself as a statement."

Creative Vision

Rafat: The rollout began by posting all pink teasers via social media, captivating our audience with vibrant hues and engaging imagery. At the same time, we launched an email campaign, strategically hinting at what was to come and building anticipation with a countdown to the official launch. Finally, we meticulously planned an event where pink took center stage in every aspect, from the food and drinks to the intricately designed decor and carefully selected location. Our aim was to immerse attendees in a pink-themed experience that left a lasting impression.



closest friends of the brand attend the NARS Cosmetics London Kings Road branch

Pink being a big feature in our Rafat collection closest friends of the brand attend the NARS Cosmetics London Kings Road branch We held a joint event with Nars Makeup lauching their new pink glosses x NS

Watch HERE

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Nubian Skin Campaign: Nude Love

Product launch campaign x Valentines campaign

The Nude Love campaign served as the dual-purpose launch for Nubian Skin's latest collection and the designated Valentine's Campaign for 2021. As Valentine's Day holds substantial significance as one of the top two holidays for a lingerie company, this campaign was strategically designed to captivate, engage, and celebrate love.

As the Head of Marketing, I provided creative leadership throughout the entire campaign, ensuring a cohesive and impactful execution.

The campaign included both a short film/Ad and photoshoot.

Creative Vision

I aimed to portray various manifestations of love, mirroring the multifaceted reality of Valentine's Day. The content seamlessly captures expressions of self-love, platonic connections, and romantic relationships. Remaining steadfast to Nubian Skin's brand narrative and core values, I opted to exemplify the concept of 'Black Love,' incorporating intimate moments like shared hair care routines. This specific form of intimacy was strategically chosen to resonate with our target audience.


Prioritising inclusivity and diversity, I intentionally focused on a plus size darker skinned male to be the main love interest as—a departure from the conventional choices prevalent in advertising at that time. This choice had been noted by the audience and praised in instagram comments as there was another featured model who would’ve been the popular and ‘obvious’ choice.

This meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a clear understanding of the brand's existing and target audience, played a pivotal role in the campaign's success on social media and in email marketing.

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Product shoot

The brand was lacking striking imagery, being a small business the initial set up was of product images that were not shot professionally.

My mission was to transform the product images from a generic product listing style to curated snapshots of reality.

My approach leaned towards inviting the audience to envision MAH items in their own homes, emphasising realism over perfection, offering a vibrant alternative, contributing to a more engaging and visually appealing online experience.

Creative Vision

My vision was to take the products from product listing type of images to curated to show realism. It needed ornaments on the coffee table and glimpses of other available products on sale in the image.

I wanted the refreshed images to tell a completely different tale – one of utility and real-life application. Featuring a single item in multiple settings aimed to spark consumers imagination about various uses and, in turn, increase purchases by showcasing versatile possibilities around the home.

The website at that time was showing the majority of the jars and baskets empty and stand alone. The new images show usage and realism. Featuring a single item in multiple settings, I aimed to spark consumers imagination about various uses and, in turn, increase purchases by showcasing versatile possibilities around the home.

Also the line up of the jars/vases below are more interesting and merchandised than what was on the site.

Also the jar filled with lemons and limes gives a bright alternative.


The homeware's newfound aesthetic garnered a significant uplift in followers and engagement. The visually compelling content not only captivated the existing audience but also attracted a broader demographic, establishing a dynamic and vibrant community around the brand.

The blend of aesthetics and functionality, strategically communicated through various channels not only elevated the brand's online presence but also significantly contributed to driving a notable increase in multi-product sales.

This project was more than a revamp; it was about infusing homeware with a touch of creative magic that resonates with people.

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Chanel Boateng.com

Pivotal Brand Launch

The Rebirth campaign for influencer CB encompassed a teaser video, a photoshoot, a strategic social media rollout, and the launch of a new website.

With a substantial following of 525k as an influencer and lifestyle creator, CB, formerly recognised as a plus-size family woman, underwent a transformative period following weight loss surgery and a divorce. This significant change necessitated a creative and trustworthy person to carry out the reintroduction. Given the substantial shift in her brand identity, transitioning from her previous image to a new persona, it was imperative to carefully strategise the campaign to minimise any potential loss of followers while maximising impact and sustaining audience interest.

Creative Vision

My vision here was to build contrast between the two sides Classy vs Sexy

The empowered, reborn and reclaiming, crown queen- beyonce

i chose this because it gave a nod to the fun flirty, confident woman she is. it also shows that her new body with confidence.

show don't tell priciple..feelings and subtext instead of description. the right images speaks a thousand words

The roll out had been teasers and then fully launched on CBs birthday to reinforce the message of new beginnings.


The lauch had a great reception across CBs social media with reels reaching

YT Viewership: The video had the second highest viewership in the entiriety of 2022 on her YouTube channel.

Watch here.

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What does being black mean to you?

Mayor Of London x TFL Ad Campaign

Brands challenged to develop adverts featuring authentic portrayals of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

The winning campaign would receive £500,000-worth of advertising space across the TfL network – one of the most valuable advertising estates in the UK. The advertising space had been provided by TfL, working with its advertising partners, JCDecaux UK and Global.

As the Head of Marketing, I provided creative leadership throughout the entire campaign, guaranteeing a cohesive and impactful execution.

Creative Vision

The overarching vision was to craft mini-advertisements that vividly capture the essence of embracing one's authentic self. Centered around Nubian Skin products, meticulously designed to seamlessly match and complement black skin tones, the question 'What does being Black mean to you?' prompts the audience to reflect on the pride and various positive attributes associated with their identity. Implicitly, the narrative suggests that wearing Nubian Skin is an embodiment of these empowering qualities – a subtle extension of strength, beauty, confidence, and power.

The deliberate choice of neutral backgrounds serves as a powerful visual metaphor, emphasizing that nothing more is required to evoke these feelings. The skin itself, adorned with our product, is the sole catalyst for a profound impact, a testament to the transformative experience that Nubian Skin offers.


The Nubian Skin storyboard won and was awarded the £500,000-worth of advertising space across the TfL network – one of the most valuable advertising estates in the UK. As with last year, the advertising space has been provided by TfL, working with its advertising partners, JCDecaux UK and Global.

Launching in Canary Wharf, in a unique opportunity, I personally curated the selection of stations for optimal ad placement, strategically targeting areas frequented by our diverse customer base, leveraging cultural hotspots.

Beyond this, the campaign sparked significant growth across social media, surging email sign-ups, and fostering brand loyalty that translated into increased sales.

Notably, the success extended beyond the digital realm, earning features in esteemed publications and platforms such as British Vogue, Campaign Magazine, Marketing Week, The Drum, and Retail Week."

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Comprehensive Offerings

Budget management

I oversee the entire shoot budget. I maintain a comprehensive document that tracks team hours and rates, wardrobe and props receipts, along with delivery dates and tracking codes. Additionally, I keep a running expenditure record, providing a detailed overview of the allocated budget, expenses incurred, and the remaining balance. This commitment to detail ensures absolute transparency and operational efficiency throughout the entire process.



In ensuring the maintenance of the artistic vision and branding consistency, I coordinate with retouchers to manage the final delivery of visual assets. Taking a hands-on approach, I personally engage to ensure that the execution meets the highest standards possible, thereby ensuring the visual excellence of our ongoing campaigns.

Talent management

I take a lead role or provide support with casting as I possess a good understanding of casting direction across various categories. My hands-on experience on set with both models and still life, spanning stills and video productions, reflects my confidence in mastering lighting techniques, angles, and on-set direction. This guarantees a seamless and visually compelling execution across diverse projects.

Event management

I manage campaign launch events. From location scouting to vendor and third-party scouting (DJs, Videographers, Photographers, F&B Sponsors etc). Guiding the curation of the theme, OTD schedule, invite distribution, and producing a post-event report.